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  Investment Process

Investing for the Long Run Our Investment Philosophy and Process

Our philosophy is to create a flexible management process to capture investment opportunities as they may occur, yet maintain reasonable parameters to ensure care in the execution of the investment program. The Long Run seeks a return on investment consistent with levels of investment risk that are prudent and reasonable given medium to long-term capital market conditions and the investment objectives of the client.


Our process follows five basic steps. We Ö


Evaluate your current portfolio, gather data and perform a risk analysis profile, then create your plan and Investment Policy Statement


Implement your plan we created from your inputs using our strategic investment portfolios geared to increase return, reduce risk, and minimize taxes

Manage and rebalance the portfolio on an ongoing basis


Critique the investments and returns and periodically modify to improve future investor outcomes


Communicate the performance of your investments, report to you on the progress you are making toward your goals, and check in with you on any important changes in your life that might call for an adjustment to your plan


Investment Philosophy

We generally take a more conservative approach to investing, while still taking the appropriate amount of risk to achieve a reasonable rate of return. We generally take a more value approach and also use a "Growth at a Reasonable Price" approach to our growth sector. We stay well diversified globally and by security type, and do not believe that market timing is the solution.


We tend to favor some sectors during different economic cycles. We may overweight utilities or consumer staples during periods of lower growth, and retail sectors during expansion periods. We tend to not overweight sectors more than 10%-20% of your equity position. We may also look for value in non-favored sectors, and tend to stay away from chasing returns.


We primarily invest in low cost, highly rated mutual and exchange traded funds. Funds are selected based on factors including Morningstar ratings and analysis, the fundís recent and anticipated performance, consistency and drift, and most importantly, long term performance.


We may also hold individual securities, depending on the client needs and expectations. Although we will not hold the majority of the portfolio in individual securities, a portion may be practical for our clients. These securities tend to be income producing, or where we and the client believe there are unique market opportunities to exploit.


We take a conservative approach to individual bonds and bond funds. We will usually purchase and hold bonds until maturity, usually employing a ladder technique. Unless otherwise prudent, we tend to favor shorter duration bond funds that have less risk of principal erosion, especially during a low interest rate environment.


We believe in your economic future as well as the future of our natural resources. Therefore, when practical, we will invest a portion of the equity position into the renewable resource sector. This sector includes alternative energy and those companies investing in "cleaner and greener" solutions for our environment.

Investing for The Long Run


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